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Better Environment,
Better Tomorrow.

Supporting the Zero Waste Movement has always been our mission.

This World Environment Month, we invite you to participate in our campaign to restore our ecosystem. 

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Our Zero Waste Program

We recycle our fruit waste into valuable and eco-friendly products such as Eco Enzyme, organic liquid fertilizer, and Eco Enzyme Handsoap. 


Benefits of Eco Enzyme

Eco Enzyme (EE) is a multipurpose purifying liquid with many benefits for the environment. Pouring EE into the rivers or drainage can purify the water by breaking down grease into small molecules. It can also reduce the greenhouse effect.


How you can contribute

To celebrate World Environment Month, we are giving away FREE Eco Enzyme (EE) for any purchase of our juices. So you can do your part in restoring the ecosystem by simply pouring the EE on your nearest sewer or drainage!

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