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  • Are the juices safe for indigestion patients?
    We do not recommend comsuming our juices when your indigestion is reecuring. Please consult with your doctor/ nutritionist first for safe consumption of indigestion patients!
  • Is Sprouts Farms a sustainable brand?
    Our goal is to be a completely zero waste company! We are currently recycling all of our products' organic wastes into our Sprouts Farms Eco-Enzyme Hand Soap and our Sprouts Farms Liquid Fertilizer.
  • Are there any added sugars?
    No! Our products are 100% raw fruits, vegetables, and microgreens without any added sugars. All of the sweetness is from the fruits and vegetables.
  • How do I store my juices?
    All of Sprouts Farms products should always stay refrigerated until ready for consumption.
  • How long is my juice good for?
    Production and expiry date for each Sprouts Farms product (Juices, Almond Milk, Coconut Water) are listed on the labels!
  • Are there any added preservatives?
    No! Our products are all free of preservatives! That's why we need to keep it in low temperature to keep it fresh!
  • Can I drink coffee or tea during detox?
    We do not recommend you to consume caffeine during detox but if your coffee or tea (herbal tea is preferable) is a part of your essential routine, it is safe to consume coffee or tea during detox!
  • How many days should I detox?
    Our detox programs have 2 types of detox which are the 1 Day or 3 Days Detox Program. The 1 Day Detox is a body maintenance program while the 3 Days Detox is a body reset program to completely refresh your body! You should choose the program based on your need!
  • Do Sprouts Farms have other sales platforms?
    Yes! You can order not only through our website but we are also available at Tokopedia, Instagram, and WhatsApp!
  • Can I freeze my juices?
    We recommend to store Sprouts Farms products in the chiller. However, if you wish to extend the shelf life, you can freeze our products by removing a little portion of the juice to make room for expansion or the bottle might pop open unintentionally.
  • Can I drink water during detox?
    Yes! You need to drink water during your detox!
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